Ladies and gentlemen please contact me if you are an expert and CREATIVE guitarist or producer, aged between 19-26 and live London/Kent area.

I have been producing for nearly 4 years. I produce new music that its still heavy to mosh to whilst good enough to dance along with ; )

Take influences from dnb, dubstep ofc, Ratatat, Sleigh Bells, Friendly Fires, Delphic, etc etc etc

I also have a Roland td12 electric drum kit which will be used in conjunction with you. Been playing drums for 7 years, its alllll good

I have been at art university the last 3 years which luckily, has given me a creative way of thinking. I have many idea's to go with our duo.

If you want to be part of a duo with the plan to produce and perform 'new party music' then mail me at topcut(at)hotmail.co.uk