I am completing my cottage on a shoestring budget. It is 700 sf and cinder block construction on a block (not slab) foundation. It consists of a large, open living/dining/kitchen area and a small bedroom, bathroom and furnace/storage room. I am at the final stage, which is flooring. Due to the fact that the home previously had old linoleum, I peeled up as much as I could but was unable to get a few sections off. The subfloor is also plywood laid right on top of the joists, so ceramic is out of the question. My last two options are cheap carpet throughout the main room and bedroom with vinyl tile in the bathroom and storage room, or to do the whole place in a not horrible looking vinyl tile. The house will not be occupied in the winter...will that affect the durability of the vinyl tile or carpet that I choose?
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I would go with tile. It will be cooler in the summer and easy to clean. As to durability, I would ask a pro about that.

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