Has anyone got some experience with this preamp?
Because I'm buying one (extremely, I think) cheap. It is in good condition and it has the midi option, but no footswitch is included.
It's not like i really need it, but for for the price... I can't go wrong.

Does anyone know how the midi with this pre works(because it only has 3 channels, I'm not shure).
Also, I have not played it yet so maybe I won't need them, but does anyone know mods for this pre?

Thank you in advance!
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I have a Hafler T3 and have heard the Giant is better. The T3 is IMO an awesome preamp. The midi only switches channel. Very simple. My has a modded footswitch. What's weird is that it has exactly the same modded switch as the T3 in this youtube video.


How cheap is cheap?
About 60 usd , the guy just wants to get rid of it I think. He has got it on sale for like 4 years or so.

T3 sounds good! Do you know if that footswitch also works with the TG?
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Killer deal. You could flip it on eBay for triple that, or more. I don't know much about the Giant other then they are worth a lot more than $60.
About the price, does anyone know how much they normally go for?
Sweet Jesus. Do it and don't even consider it any longer.

The Triple Giant is basically a clone of the Bogner Fish.
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Or do your friend a favor and let him sell it to me. I'll give him a lot more than $60.
I e-mailed him right away when I saw it, a couple days ago. I just have to go to him, sometime next week, and take it home! It's just I've got some important work that I need to get done this week, otherwise I would have had it already!
So, I bought it several days ago. It does indeed sound nice, but there is room for improvement(tonally).
I've read about people having there's modded, and that it sounded much better afterwards. So now I am interested in some mods. Are there people here on this board who know about any mods they have doen to theirs?
I know I can send it out to Voodoo amps, but I can't afford that.

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Sweet Jesus. Do it and don't even consider it any longer.

The Triple Giant is basically a clone of the Bogner Fish.

It's actually the precursor to the Fish. Reinhold designed it for Bogner initially but sold the design after around 100 units were produced and started work on the Fish. It can be modded so that it's fairly close to the Fish, though you have to choose between the Brown/Shark channels (not the biggest deal IMO cause the Brown/Shark share an EQ anyways and are kind of finicky).

$60 is an insane price for it. The Hafler versions usually go for $400-500 and the Bogners go for several thousand. As for mods, you want to find someone who has experience working on fairly complex PCB tube gear. The boards aren't the best on the Hafler manufactured pres and an incompetent tech could turn into a headache.

There are mods listed on the SLO Clone forum I think. If not, you can find a schem, post it here and we can give you ideas to play around with based on what you want out of it.
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