Okay this is my first post so be gentle.

I started playing about 6 months ago and have been fine so far. However I am having problems with some chords (E7 for one).

Okay the reason why.

A few years back I chopped the top off my little finger on my left hand in an accident. This has left my finger slightly blunter than normal. I can reach the string but not without muting the high E.

Does a finger extender exist? Something that would give me a few extra mm?

If yes then I would be most greatful if you could provide a link. If not then ho hum I will have to figure it out somehow.

i don't think there is something like that... maybe you should try a smaller guitar or something.
But maybe someone can help you.

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Well you could teach yourself to play right handed, I've no idea how well you can play, but after 6 months you could always get back those six months pretty quickly after teaching your left hand to strum properly.

Failing that you could always do a Toni Iommi (missing tops of two fingers) or a Django Reinhardt, (Reinhardt only had two fingers on his fretting hand). Iommi made thinballs and stuck them over the tips of his fingers so he could play and he can shred like a goodn. This would probably be easier as you'd only have to get the hand of the bit on the end of your pinkie rather than trying to change your handedness purely for one activity. But you'd have to get used to carrying the thinball around with you when you're gonna be playing guitar.
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Probably it could go in the gear and accessories section

Iommi made a cap for his finger, so it's possible. As far as someone making one for purchase, I'm not sure.
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This was originally in gear and accessories. It was moved.

Like I say it is a minor irritation really and doesn't affect 2 much of my play. I just wondered if anybody had heard of anyone having the issue before.. A thimble would probably be perfect actually.
There are things called finger caps that may add some length to your handicapped finger. Here are a few examples:



I also remembering seeing finger caps that were circular shaped and actually meant for guitar players.
Here's a site that will make prosthetic tips for you: http://spirittips.yolasite.com
There is also an instructables on making your own prosthetic tips (specifically for guitar) if you search google for "prosthetic fingertips".
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