I think its excellent nice recording great song, would love to pull off something like that sounds full on pro
Well the vocals sound a little too tight for my taste, I kind of like my pop-punk to be perfectly unperfect though. Everything sounds great though, the distortion lacks a little presence though, maybe a little less gain and treble. Higher in the mix as well. The drums sound really excellent, great job with that. The solo could of really been great if it had more presence, I didn't understand the point of telephoning the drums before the chorus, would of sounded fine the way it was. But regardless, great song, great recording.

This song kinda left the impression on me that if the guitars and vocals were brought out more into the mix, the song would've been a lot more impacting. The drums were beautifully done in this song, so big ups to your drummer there. The vocals lacked a bit of energy, not in the way that "it should've been more powerful", but just the fact that it doesn't really sound like the singer is "feeling it". The singer reminds me slightly of Justin Pierre. The guitars did pull off the vibe of a sad and moving song, but nothing in the guitar work stood out to me immediately. Not sure about the bridge as well, all in all that seemed really loose to me. Overall, the song itself is good, but it isn't fantastic either - just some work on the mix and the bridge and it would sound legit.