I have known about them for a while but never bothered to really get their stuff until today. I'm liking what I hear (Carnal Repercussions, Kill the Crown) but I'm very meticulous about categorizing and putting genres to bands. Don't start arguing about the idea of sub genres and scenes (especially Deathcore and Metalcore) and just put a genre to them. I cant decide if their Grindcore, Deathcore, or Metalcore. I'm not so sure to call them Death Metal cuz they are too melodic. On Carnal Repercussions I think I'm listening to older JBFAC at times and on Kill The Crown I think I'm listening to newer JBFAC and sometimes even All Shall Perish, but only at certain points, and JBFAC is always changing their sound as well. Soooo any opinions??
This should be in the metal forum. And how can you possibly look at "Job for a Cowboy" and come up with "JBFAC"? Seriously...
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