Hey y'all

I was fiddeling with my amp EQ (Fender Blues Jr) to find a good tone for bedroom level, and I found that it's perfect with the mids on 2/12 !

When I go more, the sound is really "weird" and loses clarity.

I play with a overdrive (not a lot but just enough you know).

Is this normal ? Is something wrong with my amp knobs ?

Thanks !!
Playing in your bedroom you can get away with whatever you want. Playing with a band, scooped mids = lost in mix (or overpowering everyone else)
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Thanks for your answers I was a bit worried that my amp had a problem!
if you are playing at very low volumes and by yourself thats fine i guess, just a personal preference. The louder you go or in a band situation the more mids you'd want.

Personally my mid knob is never under 5, and usually maxed especially for leads. But its a personal preference thing, I never liked the sound of heavy mids back when i was first starting out, lots of scooping, but tastes change.
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