Hi folks

Well I've been reading like a madman several reviews and checking demos to find what should be my third guitar. My Ibby RG350mdx is starting to fail me and after almost 3 years of playing, it is time to get a kickass guitar.

What I'm looking for is a guitar that basically makes my Ibanez RG feel like a wooden log. I want it to destroy my guitar in every possible aspect and I want to feel that it is a ''pro'' guitar, something that will last me 10 years or more.

It should be comfortable to play with, have a good sound for almost all kinds of metal, think of Metallica, Trivium, A7... So no br00talz super down tuned drop G thing. The lowest tuning I would go is probably drop C, but I normally play in standard and drop D.

I'm not picky with the woods or pickups used as I am not that knowledgeable about the impact wood has or what pickups are the best.

It should have 24 frets, can't stand 22.

As I said earlier, it should be mainly for metal; it is just a plus if it can handle other rock related styles.

It should have a sound good enough to record with!

Please no FR because the trem on my Ibanez was a real bitch!

No V-guitars or exagerated looks (think BC rich guitars) and no signature guitars as I don't want another persons guitar.

I live in Sweden, so the guitars here should cost double the amount of what they cost in the states! Yes prices are very inflated, I payed 4500 swedish crowns for my RG350, that is around 700 dollars! So keep that in mind please when suggesting guitars! What I'm willing to pay is around 8000 - 10 000 SC ( around 1500 dollars) but bear in mind the inflation.

If you are kind enough when suggesting a guitar that might suit me, please use http://www.thomann.de/se/index.html and search for the guitar there and look at the price.

Interesting guitars that I've liked so far


Very favorable reviews, the EMGs seem to rock and the coil split function looks really interesting. The playability seems very good and it looks so damn fine; I know that looks should not matter but damn, this is one of the most amazing guitars visually. I have also never heard anything bad about Schecter as a company!


Also favorable reviews. Not really sure about the difference between this one and the schecter; both cost roughly the same.


This baby seems very similar to the Hellraiser solo 006, I'm not sure about the difference between em' apart from the looks ?

All suggestions and advices are welcome! I want to thank everybody beforehand for taking their time to help me find a rock-solid axe!
The ESP is my choice. Is there any way you can try these guitars out or do you have to oder online?
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Hmm I'm pretty sure that I can only test the LTD one, not sure about the schecter I'm amazed, you guys are the only ones so far that have had something bad to say about schecters!
BTW what are the differences between those 3 anyway?

Also more suggestions would not hurt !
It's so hard to get a schecter here in SWE... I will do my best to find one, are there other guitars in that price range that are able to compete?
The ESP, but in the vintage black finish instead. Looks so classy.
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Esps and schecter are made by the same people though... right? anyway the ESP looks nice and same with the Hellraiser C-1
Apparently this is a signature

Yessir it is
I have the Schecter c-1 hellraiser an I love it. The neck is not as bad as it seems you can get all kinds of sounds with it. The neck is fast it's not a real heavy guitar. To me it's a great guitar for the price. I haven't tried out the others tho.