I was changing the strings for the first time on my newest bass and after the process was done I heard a slight metal on metal buzz from the headstock. It was slight and won't be noticeable when playing plugged in but I'd like to avoid any future issues. I tightened up a few screws but they weren't causing it. I found it was the washer looking piece below the tuner on the E string that was now loose. This piece wasn't loose before and isn't loose under any of the other tuning pegs. My other bass doesn't have the same type of tuners so I have nothing to compare it to. Below is a link to the picture of what I'm referring to (image tags didn't work), its the piece below the hex nut. So in short, can I fix it? Is it worth bothering to fix? Will it be a problem down the line?

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The picture doesn't work (at least not on my crappy computer here). It sounds like the ferrule might be loose. You can tighten it up by using a very weak glue like rubber cement or rice glue. Do NOT use something strong or you will never get that thing out of the hole again, and you might have to someday.
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see that wonderful hexagon sitting on that washer?...tighten it.
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Yeah, that's the ferrule. They're press-fit into the holes of the headstock. Sometimes they become loose. If tightening the nut doesn't work (and for heaven's sake, don't overtighten it!), try what I suggested.
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley
Tightened it, worked. Thanks guys, just didn't want to go in blind and mess it further!