It's long I know but I needed to explain it all best I could. I also typed it all on an iPod.

So heres the set up: three friends and I are in Europe. I worked for the last two years and have saved up 4k for the trip. I've been looking forward to it for years now. Both of them are getting funds from their parents. Let's call them Bob and Bill for now.
Bill: used to be my best friend. Originally just gonna be me and him. Had to convince him to come because he didn't want to work for it. Had to ask parents for the money. He just finished first year of college.

Bob: asked him later. Has a bunch of money to spend. Like 7k plus. Wasn't thinking about the trip much until it happaned.

Its been a few a weeks now and were down to the final days so I'm curious about imput on this. There have been some instances were it's been them vs concerning what to do.*

1. We were in Italy and we were staying at a beautiful *town that was connected to another by a hiking trail along the cliff. It was raining a bit and the hike looked beautiful but they were "tired" and wanted to go back to the hostel. Them being too tired is a recurring theme on this trip. So I tried convincing them but I just ended walking it by myself and it was gorgeous.

2. We agreed to go to a castle town in France that I really wanted to go to. We were only there for day and we had to see it at night. They were tired and said they didn't want to. So I just went by myself again. It was awesome at night.

3. In the alps we were on a trail and they were tired and wanted to turn back but I had to convince to keep going. They finally turned back right before the end. The hike was beautiful *but I had to convince so much not to turn and in the end they did. We also had the chance to hike a mountain but once they said they were tired! I mean wtf it's climbing a damn mountain?!

Those a few examples. So I guess my complaint comes down to: they know how much this meant to me but they can't even flatter me on things like this. We've talked about it and they tell me to do what I want, it's my trip. But the thing is, i didn't ask them to come to be by myself. The way I think of it as this. I take everything chance I can to do things. I don't care if I'm sick or tired I've been dreaming of this and saving for years. Do I appreciate it more? They keep saying we all have different experiences and they just don't care for staying our layer or doing some things but come on it's Europe! I know i won't have the funds to this for a while so I'll just take the chance now. It's depressing when I'm the only who wants to do something. I came with them for a reason. I can't make them but I wish I could.*
Could you add a tl;dr?
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I can't really say much except that you should have looked for better people for this trip.

Also, I applaud you for constructing a well written post. You've done better than people with full keyboards for Pete's sake.
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Why did the come if they didn't want to do anything?

I'm not sure really. They keep going on about being tired at 11 or 12 when were in barcelona or Paris. I don't understand. I feel it's 1vs2 all the time. The money thing I know would change our experiences.
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Sit them down and talk to them. Be open and as them what they'd change. Maybe they just dislike hiking.