Hey everybody,

So I am a recent college graduate and I just started my first job this past week. I didn't really completely comprehend how great I had it until I graduated and moved out on my own. First, my grandfather was a wise investor, so all of the grandkids got to go to college w/o paying for it. Therefore, I am debt free. Also, I would say that my parents have basically helped me with all of my bill payment and stuff so far as well. I have not had to pay any cell phone bills, or mess with having to get a job in college to help pay for rent. However, this does not mean I am lazy or anything. I worked a lot during high school, and performed very well during college.

Even though I have nothing to really complain about since I am not in debt, I still feel pretty overwhelmed on how much responsibility I have now. I now have a car payment, car insurance, apt rent, etc. Also, I moved to a different state that is away from my family, and I do not know many people around here (besides my 2 roommates who also went to college w/ me and graduated with the same major).

Also, I am just wondering about how it is in working in the workplace. For these first couple of days, it has been realllllllll BORING. It has made me realllllllly want to be back in my college house just hanging out with my roommates. It has been so boring because the guy who is supposed to train us is actually on vacation right now. Once he gets back, hopefully things will pick up. However, I am one to really worry about millions of different issues that could arise, and I am just wondering how stressfull real jobs are? I mean it seems like everybody has deadlines to meet and everybody is breathing down your neck in order to reach those deadlines.

Has anybody else been in my situation before? How long was it until you got settled in and enjoyed being in the real world? I think part of the way I work is that I am pretty scared and hesitant whenever I get into an unfamiliar situation, but after I learn the ropes I catch on quick and become much more comfortable in the setting. Sorry if all of this just seems kinda jumbled, I am just writing down what I am feeling at the moment.


Lucky, my parents make me pay for everything
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You're exceptionally lucky.

Here are the answers to your questions.

Yes, work is boring unless you love your job. Wait until you boss starts being your boss, you're still in the 'new employee let's figure it all out' phase. Then it won't be boring, it'll be miserable. Unless you're one of those lucky few who land a good boss. And yes, everyone will be breathing down your neck all the time, which brings me to -

Yes, life is overwhelming. Everyone always wants something, and if you give it to them all indiscriminately, they're always going to expect more. Knowing how to balance wants with needs and necessity with superfluous is important. You've got to learn to spot the people deserving of your trust from the ones who aren't, or you're in for a long, difficult road. Oh, and if you think work is like school where you're valued by your skill and earn your merit by how well you do your job, you're in for a real shocker

As for the last part, I've been working to pay rent since I was 13 and a half because if I didn't, we wouldn't have a place to live or food on the table, so I never really had a portion of life where it was particularly paved or really care free, at least not once I was old enough to realize what a loser my stepfather was

How long before you settle in and enjoy the real world? You never do, or at least I haven't yet. The trick is finding enough love in the things that mean something to you to make the rest of the world worth living in

That's my opinion, at least.
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