Ok,So yesterday my bro gave me my first guitar,an acoustic What would be the best/easiest way to learn how to play it? Lessons? Online? On my own?
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Urm, look online and look on the lessons section on here or youtube how to play accoustic guitar lots of ways man.
Get a tutor. Without a doubt. As a self-taught player, I have no qualms recommending that you get a teacher. Yes, they can be a bit expensive. Yes, it can be time-consuming, but it is far better to have somebody teach you the proper the way to do things than have to relearn them (as I, and many other players, have). In the long run, it's the best option, be it learning your open chords or theory or what have you. There's just no substitute for a good teacher.
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I agree with jwd724. Like him, I'm self taught as well and often times I find myself at a crossroads of what to learn next. A teacher can arrange things in a good order and you'll always know which direction to go in.