Hey Guys

a year or so ago i purchased a natural finished MM Stingray, the finish is nice, but it seems boring and kinda dull.

I consider myself somehat of an artist, I do a lot of drawing/canvas painting and home decorating and have decided to turn this bland looking Ray into a new project.

I'm not bothered about ruining it's value, I'm not one at all to sell on items like this, so no questions like 'Why would you ruin it' or anything, I'd just like to make it unique and put my own stamp on it. End of story.

I have designs in place, I've been tracing them out physically and in Photoshop but my real question is how.

I need to know what needs to be done to do a paint job on this instruments body, like what type of paints/varnishes need to be used, is there any prep that needs to be done (Besides removing the neck and covering electronics and that) ect.

I'm not looking for a proper factory looking finish, I just don't want it to end up a mess.

Thanks in advance, Ryan
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