please crit harmonies, flow, melodies ect.
some of it doesnt flow propaerly to me. the scale run on the ensemble string at the last bar needs to be tweeked, i think.
fantasy gp5.gp5
the melody is great...and when i muted the strings track i couldnt stop looping it!!
so yes you are right some parts didn't flow, maybe try less notes on the strings, let the chords follow more the lead melody...you pointed that the last bar needs to be tweeked, i see also that the first bar also needs some changes (most probably in the strings track!)
There is not much to crit here but I'll do my best. What you have right now sounds incredibly powerful and epic, as you were going for I assume. I love the Call-and-Response between the strings and guitar. Are you going to continue it in a more lengthy direction like Symphony X and Epica or more Pop-like in structure such as Nightwish? I recommend the former. Something of this memorability needs to be long so you can develop ideas properly. I mean it's easy to cop out and make it poppy but the patience and hard work put into an epic really pays off. I suggest two possible directions you can go with this. You could continue it in a heavy direction, rather thrashy in guitar styles is my recommendation, then go to a softer section and then finish with a bang (Using this theme, obviously having gone through various modulations, rhythmic variation etc) or drop the volume to nearly nothing like in "The Divine Wings of Tragedy" by Symphony X. Then go back to a darker/heavier section, and using this as a recapitulation.

Best of luck to you.


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I'm not actually a fan of nightwish or symphony x. Some songs are ok but I'm not a fan of either bands singers I think Michael Romeo is a ****ing champ though
Hahaha! Michael Romeo is a fantastic guitarist, one of the best (IMO). I still think an epic and perhaps 'Proggy' direction is where should go. There is this Danish Symphonic Progressive Metal band called Beyond Twilight. Their most recent offering "For the Love of Art and the Making' is a 38 minute song split into 43 parts. It is unbelievably complex but it's not ambitious in nature like some Dream Theater. That album has provided a lot of inspiration for me. 'Section X' is recommended if you're into shorter songs (5 minute average). 'The Path of Darkness' is probably the best song on the album. I hope they help for inspiration.
It's definitely going to have prog elements in it but I'm more of a core guy so it'll be in the direction of winds of plague. I will check out that band though thanks