Poll: Do you have Hayfever?
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10 48%
6 29%
What the **** is hayfever?..
5 24%
Voters: 21.
So how many of you pitmonkeys are sufferers of this heinous affliction?

Mine's ****ing terrible at the moment. I can't breathe through my nose at night, wake up my gammy eyes.. urgh. I've never had it this bad. The pollen count is at an all time high in NE UK.
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get some medication for it from asda or something, take it before bed and youll sleep easier and wake up feeling a bit better
I get it at the beginning of summer, though I haven't yet this year. It's been too rainy in the UK.
It's my eyes and skin that get the worst. All dry and itchy. Shits nasty. You can get some stuff that you rub around the bottom of your nose and around your eyes...its a bit like petroleum jelly, and it stops the pollen getting in so much. Not 100% effective, but the difference is worth it.
I hate it when people complain about hayfever...

I have chronic rhinitis which gives me constant hayfever symptoms. You pussy-ass bitches don't even know the meaning of Blocked Nose

Take some anti-histamine, sniff some olbas oil and man up.
I don't have it.. yippee!
I could rub my face in the summer flowers indefinitely and continue breathing afterwards.

I don't even like the smell of flowers, but I'm gonna do it, just because I can.
I used to have it pretty bad but it seemed to be dying down in recent years. This year though I went to Download and five nights camping in a field didn't exactly do it much good. Along with the standard sneezing and snivelling, my eyes have also been streaming this year which isn't a symptom I've ever had before.
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