Hey y'all, I've been looking around a lot lately and I'm starting to think that I wanna get a semi-hollow body or a fully hollow body bass. I've been looking all over at Hofners and Epiphones and Ibanezs and what not, but I can't seem to find any that quite fit the look I want. I do really like the Hofner Violin and Club (Icon series, of course), but eh, I think there could be cooler stuff. I did find a bass that has the exact look I want here

http://tinyurl.com/6clz8n9 (ebay)

Only problem is I'm guessing that $170 KTone is a piece of crap. Now, I'm not picky, I have an Ibanez GSR200 that I adore, but I dunno, the KTone looks sketchy. Soo, anybody know if there are any basses with as similar as a look as possible to that KTone that don't run the risk of sucking? Or, does anyone know if those KTones don't suck? Thanks for the input everyone, catch ya on the flipside.
Its $170, you dont have much to lose...

If it really sucks THAT hard, you can try and drop some new pick ups in it and see if that helps

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If you can find one, a Yamaha Billy Sheehan BEX-BS semi-hollow bass might be just the ticket for you:

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If you're willing to go with a double cut instead of a single cut there's the Eastwood Classic 4:

or you could find a used Epiphone EA 260

or if you want a single cut you could go for some form of Ibanez Artcore

EDIT: One thing to note, that KTone you posted is a 34" scale bass, a lot of hollow bodies are short scale. Not sure if that matters to you or not, but it'd be a good idea to try whatever you end up deciding to buy if you can.
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Quote by Tostitos
If you're willing to go with a double cut instead of a single cut there's the Eastwood Classic 4

This. Definitely this. Its has the Ed Friedland seal of approval.


Also have a look at Italia, though it'd have to be second hand as I think they discontinued all their basses that were worth having.
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