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Finally, here are the voting threads for The Pit's Mixing/Mastering Competition I. This will be one of three voting threads, and the winner of each will be put into a finals thread to figure out the true winner.

So please, take a listen to each and vote for what you think is the best mix. Whichever you vote for, please leave a bit of information as to why you voted for it, and feedback for the others is also vastly appreciated, since that's what this competition is all about.

Most of the participants have provided a brief description of what they did to their mix, which I will post along with their link.

Also, if you judge, please listen to the mixes with good headphones or monitors. Don't judge if you can't give them a good listen.


RPGoof - http://soundcloud.com/rpgoof/ug-mixing-competition

I compressed the shit out of the vocals and ****ed with the levels and EQ, EQ'd and compressed some drum parts and fixed the levels, ran the guitars through an amp sim, ran the bass through a bass overdrive sim, then added a slight reverb over the whole track to liven it up and kicked up the extreme EQ's over the whole track to give it a more in-your-face sound.

hugh20 - http://soundcloud.com/hughh20/pit-mixing-contest-hughh20-2

Here's mine. I found it hard to make the vocals stand out without making them obnoxious, so I boosted the vocal EQ at 3/4hkz to give them presence without increasing volume. I also duplicated the main vocal track and distorted it a large amount, then mixed it in gradually, to add power to the vocals. I also had trouble dealing with the volume fluctuations, so I used two compressors to keep the volume in check without abusing automation.
To make the bass stand out, I duplicated the DI track processed one normally and got the best possible tone with it, whilst compressing the hell out of the other one to bring out string noise, then mixed it in. I also used sidechained compression on the bass triggered by the kick drum.
I used Amplitube for guitar and bass sounds and Cubase 5 to arrange.

sonny_sam - http://soundcloud.com/sonnysam/mixing_contest_entry

A brief description of what I did to it:

Kick - Sample replaced with a kick from the Stephen Slate drums pack, EQ'd with a low pass filter, and a slight drum plate reverb added.

Snare - Sample replaced with a snare from the Stephen Slate drums pack, compressed with a 3:1 Ratio (PSP vintage warmer), slight drum plate reverb added

Hats - EQ'd

Toms - Gated, EQ'd, slight plate reverb added

O/H - EQ'd & high passed at around 250 Hz

Room - No processing

Bass (track 1) - Ampeg SVX Bass amp plug in applied on tube preamp setting, compressed (Vintage Warmer), EQ'd

Bass (track 2, duplicated) - Ampeg SVX Bass amp plug in applied on a dark distorted setting, compressed (Vintage Warmer), EQ'd and at a much lower level than track 1

Rhythm Guitar - Logic's guitar amp sim applied (Orange amp crunch seeting), along with an overdrive pedal simulator, impulse reverb and EQ, panned medium left

Lead Guitar - Logic's guitar amp sim applied (Marshall Plexi crunch setting), along with an overdrive pedal simulator, impulse reverb and EQ, automated pan from centre at start to medium right throughout

Lead Vocals -
Melodyne pitch correction, compression (Vintage Warmer), EQ, vocal plate reverb, 1/8th note delay, automated level for massive volume drop towards end

Big double 1 & 2 - Deleted

High 1 & 2 - compression (Vintage Warmer), EQ, plate reverb, 1/8th note delay, panned medium left & right

Low 1 & 2 - compression (Vintage Warmer), EQ, plate reverb, 1/8th note delay, panned hard left & right

Master Stereo L&R - 2:1 compression (PSP vintage warmer), mastering EQ

Whalepudding - http://soundcloud.com/thenewshamus/mixing-mastering-competition

Description below the track.

BobMarleysGhost - http://soundcloud.com/bobmarleysghost/ug-mixing-and-mastering-1

Mixed in ProTools 8 LE.


Guitars - Digidesign Eleven Free ampsim, 4-band EQ, Compressor/Limiter, AIR reverb, panned hard left and right respectively, automated EQ for intro.
Bass - Digidesign Eleven Free ampsim, SansAmp PSA1, 4-band EQ, Compressor/Limiter.
Main Vocals - Compression, 4-Band EQ, Digirack De-Esser, AIR Reverb.
Backing Vocals - Panned hard left and right, 4-Band EQ (giving 'telephone voice' effect), Compression, small amount of delay on backing tracks 1 and 2, AIR Reverb.
Drumkit - Kit panned to correct positions, Compression used on each track individually, 4-band EQ on each individual track, whole kit sent to Aux channel with AIR reverb.

Slight EQ applied in mastering stage, with some compression, and slight reverb applied to whole mix (I don't really know much about mastering, so I didn't do a whole lot at this stage).
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Second link is broken

Edit: Actually, they all are except the first

Edit: My vote goes to BobMarleysGhost. He's the only one that really got the vocals to sound good rather than just ok. Great job to all participants, though.
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Only the first link worked for me.

And how am I not a part of this??? When did this start?
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Remove the spaces in the links smarties.

I voted for BobMarleysGhost.

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Not surprised BobMarleysGhost is getting good reviews.

He's a recording student.

Also, yeah, I sorta gave up on my mix. I've been pretty depressed lately and didn't want something I worked hard on to literally be judged, since I knew I'd lose anyway.
I love how much depth BobMarleysGhost's drums have. I can imagine being in a room with some instruments that are making that sound, it's the only mix I've heard where that's happening.
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thenewshamus's was great, the bass was quite loud, but whatever, you could hear everything apart from the vocals being a bit too quiet, but well compressed. I voted for it.
BobMarley'sGhost was far too trebley to me, and had too little bass.

Vote for that hugh20 guy though, his mix was great, and he's damn sexy.

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RPGgoof - Everything sounds a little too compressed. Not bad though, I really liked compressed shit. The mix itself sounds a little strange, though. The guitars sound a little muddy, while the drums sound a little dry. Not bad, though.

hughh20 - Love the way the guitar sounds in this one. But the sound itself is pretty lacking. The bass sticks out too much in a rubber-bandy sort of way. The vocals are too spacey-sounding for the mix. I like the way the drums fit in a little better. Do I hear automating on the guitar? Idk, sounds cool. One thing though... the hi-hat is sort of super-loud.

Sonny_sam - Guitar sounds very crisp. Cool. Drums are way too quiet though for me. Or at least a little too distant sounding. The vocals are also a little dry-sounding. It's pretty cool, though. The dry vocals kind of hinder it, though.

Whalepudding - Starts out really, really good. The guitars are mixed very, very well. The drums sound a little weak or thin, though. Maybe EQ them differently or bump them up in the mix. vocals are dry, but well-mixed. I really like the way the backing vocals sound.

BobMarley - The effect in the intro was cool, but probably should have been a little louder. The guitar tone itself sounds a little to tinny. The drums sound a little thin here, but the vocals aren't too bad. Maybe a little too loud.

Nice work everybody! I enjoyed them all for different reasons, I just liked Sonny_sam's the best all-around.

EDIT: SHIT NO I MEANT WHALEPUDDING! I accidentally voted Sonny_Sam, but I meant whalepudding. WTF. Sorry.
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EDIT: SHIT NO I MEANT WHALEPUDDING! I accidentally voted Sonny_Sam, but I meant whalepudding. WTF. Sorry.

Haha, and there I was thinking "Ah well, at least 1 person liked my mix"
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Voted for BobMarleysGhost.

Nice work all round though.
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RPGoof - Not bad, but slammed too hard on either the drums or mastering, can't tell. Possibly both. I can hear clipping in big moments. That is bad.

Hugh20 - Liked the effected tone on the intro guitar. Vocals too quiet. Drums are kind of OK, but they are quite dull except the random loud hihat hits. Vocal reverb is also a tad heavy.

Sonny_sam - Extreme pumping on the drums. They sound awful. Also way too bassy. Guitars sound pretty decent.

WhalePudding - Way too much kick. You lose so much mixing headroom with that. Vocals too quiet. Almost everyone puts some of the backing vocals too loud and some too quiet.

BobMarley'sGhost - Like the general vibe. One complaint is that it seems you've retuned the floor tom and it sounds too high for my liking. Win by default.

EDIT: Accidentally voted for WhalePudding. Please minus 1 from there on the final tally and give to BobMarley'sGhost.
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I think I liked WhalePudding's the most, but it sounded a little quiet or out of place so I voted for BobMarley'sGhost.
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Thankyou to everyone who voted for me, or gave a critique. It's much appreciated.
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BobMarleysGhost -

I did not like the jump in the intro, However, the rest of the song sounded very very pro. Which leads me to ask, are you a pro? haha
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BobMarleysGhost -

I did not like the jump in the intro, However, the rest of the song sounded very very pro. Which leads me to ask, are you a pro? haha

No, I'm not a pro, but I'm studying Music Tech at uni right now, so I guess I have a bit of an advantage. Thanks though.
Ibanez S470 (EMG 81/S/85)
Sigma DMC-15E
Laney VH100R
Laney 4x12 Cab
Ibanez Weeping Demon
M-Audio ProKeys 88
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KRK RP6 G2's
Plum Team FTW!