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Finally, here are the voting threads for The Pit's Mixing/Mastering Competition I. This will be one of three voting threads, and the winner of each will be put into a finals thread to figure out the true winner.

So please, take a listen to each and vote for what you think is the best mix. Whichever you vote for, please leave a bit of information as to why you voted for it, and feedback for the others is also vastly appreciated, since that's what this competition is all about.

Most of the participants have provided a brief description of what they did to their mix, which I will post along with their link.


Tommo619 - http://soundcloud.com/tommyyy/ug-mixing-mastering

I used Ableton Live 6 and I first EQ'd the drums (Boosted the bass in the kick, the mids on the snare and the treble on the OH) using the EasyQ VST, then adjusted them as Live had messed it up a bit. I then panned the guitars left and right then added the Nick Crow 7170 Lead and the Voxengo Boogex ampsim VSTs to the two guitar tracks (I added a tubescreamer VST to the rhythm track so that the lead and the rhythm gave different tones). I added the same ampsim to the bass which gave it a slight distortion. I arranged the vocals separately as my laptop couldn't handle all of the tracks and effects. I arranged the vocal tracks to make sure they were in time and I added the GSnape autotune VST to make sure everything was in tune. I then compressed the vocal tracks. I inserted the rendered vocal track to the mix, altered the volume of some tracks and voila!

Perry589 - http://soundcloud.com/kevin-allan/final-mix

Everything has slight EQ and compression, apart from the kick and snares (they needed some work).

Kick slightly back in the mix in the centre with the snare at the exact centre of the mix. Hi hat panned a third to the left and toms panned two thirds to the right. OHs hard left and right with slight reverb and a OH track in the middle with lots of reverb to add 'space' and help bring the cymbals out more. Snare is a blend of one wet (reverbed) track and one dry track. Just found it better to work that way and get the hard sounding snare i wanted.

Guitars virtually hard left and right at the front of the mix. Used Guitar Rig 3 on them. Blended a crunchy, trebly and clean sounds for the left guitar and a twangy, crunchy and mid/trebly sounds for the right guitar to give them slightly different sounds. Slight reverb on the guitars.

Bass low and central in the mix to work with kick and help the low end on the track. Therefore, the bass is a blend of chorus, dark and deep bass sounds to add low end to the track.

Lead vocals in the middle of the mix above the snare, but 'fighting' with the guitars, so not the loudest. Like the snare, one wet and dry track blended together to help with the creation of 'space' on the track.

First backing vocals panned halfway left and right and left totally dry. About snare level, volumewise in the mix.

Second backing vocals panned 3/4 left and right. Again, one wet and dry track blended together for each side. Mixed quite low 'fighting' the cymbals.

Not much mastering, just put Maxim on it. Tried mastering EQ and compression, but that just killed the track because i'm not good at them.

FlyingPiranha - http://www.mediafire.com/?db2dvzg852wqxc3

This is my first time mixing (not that anyone should feel sympathetic for that), so this was an entirely new experience to me. I'd already had a few amp sims installed for simple MIDI foolery, but that was as far as I went. For the lead guitar track I used Free Amp 3, along with doubling the track and panning one left and one right. I used AcmeBarGig's Dick Head sim on the rhythm, and similarly panned it. Besides that, most of my work was on the levels and EQing the various drum tracks and vocals, along with adding a little reverb to the vocals and drums to give them a more live feel.

Odirunn - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16210823/DW-Finalforeal.mp3

- Guitars are x50, EQ'd and then limited
- Bass is limited, TSE BOD, EQ'd and then limited again
- Drums: kick is blending with paramore kick, snare is clipped and has some reverb, toms are EQ'd, and OH and Room mics were high passed around 600hz.
- Vox: Rvox on the lead vocal, touch of reverb and delay; backing vocals are limited and have a lot of reverb and a tiny delay.

Brendan.Clace - http://soundcloud.com/breakcoreproductions/pit-comp-final-mix

26 tracks, 60 some odd plugs.


Drum bus:

Hard compression.

Sample replaced Kick.
Duplicated kick track.
Clipped both tracks about 4.0dB

Sample replaced Snare.
Duplicated snare track.
Clipped both tracks about 6.0dB
Reverb on both tracks.

Clipped about 5.0dB


Overhead Bus:
Highpass at 700Hz
Stereo Image Spreading.

==Bass Guitar==

Bass Track 1:
Autotune - Graph Tuned.
Super hard compression to even out the notes.

Bass Track 2 (duplicate)
Highpass / Lowpass

==Electric Guitar==

Guitar Bus:
Harmonic Excitation

All Guitar Tracks:
C4 Compression
POD Farm
Highpass / Lowpass


Duplicated Lead vocal track.

All Vocal Tracks:
Autotune - Graph Tuned
Compressed to hell and back
EQ High Shelf from 5k upwards of about 6dB
Small Room reverb.

On the duplicate of the lead vocal I applied a chorus/delay effect.

CoreysMonster - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3782733/UGMixingComp.mp3

Anyways, as for the stuff I used, Podfarm for all effects except vocal compression, where I used a mixture of Isotope Ozone (which I also used on the whole track at the end) and the Cubase 5 standard compressor.
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The message didn't have a link in it. I'll update it though.

Also, if you judge, please listen to the mixes with good headphones or monitors. Don't judge if you can't give them a good listen.

Edit: Brendan.clace, leave the damn link here, I obviously don't have it.
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Brendan.Clace wins this batch. Most of it was pretty good, but the drum panning bothered me. You panned to the drummers perspective, while the other 99% of the world doesn't view the band performing from behind the kit. Pan it like it would be seen by an audience.
Jeez, this one is tough... Odirunn or Brendan.Clace

These two were definitely the best out of everyone IMO.

I think they are both wonderfully mixed & mastered and I think it just comes down to a personal preference in tone.

I gotta say Odirunn. I really liked the bit around 1:54 where you have the guitars pan around your ears.

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Thanks for the comments guys. I have always panned from drummer perspective unless I am doing a live recording, in which case I will do audience. Maybe I will try switching it up on the next project I do. I just wanna say that all of the people who entered in this thread did an awesome job! I want to encourage you all to keep going with this stuff!!!
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Coreysmonster is trying to destroy my subwoofer.

I voted for Brendan's, it was really well made, and it had the panning at 2:00 that I loved.

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Voted for Brendan. The vocals did it for me, really needed that auto-tune.
Bumping all of these up
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
Close between Brendan.Clace and Odirunn, but went for Brendan.Clace in the end.

Great job everyone, apart from that perry589 bloke.
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Coreysmonster is trying to destroy my subwoofer.

I voted for Brendan's, it was really well made, and it had the panning at 2:00 that I loved.

yes. Yes. I am

Can't give all of these a listen cuz I'm at home, but I will next week.
Tommo - Something about the beat is way off. Vocals way quiet and the phaser isn't working at all. Too guitar heavy.

Perry - Fade up was an interesting idea but doesn't work. Guitars still sound too DI'd so you've not done your job there. The rest is pretty decent. Just a bit wimpy.

FlyingPirhana - Decent guitar tone. Drums are balanced, but do nothing to hide the lifeless programming. Don't like your vocal reverb and the balancing of the vocals is very uneven.

Odirrun - I liked the intro vocal thing. Bass sound is a little too hardcore for the song I think, but otherwise this is a very good mix. Like so many you have lost points for being lazy with not doing enough or any pitch-correction.

Brendan - Actually a decent snare replacement. This is the best one I've heard out of all of them from every voting thread. Still not perfect on the auto-tuning.

Corey's Monster - Also very strong, except for the vocals. Too quiet and tinny. Also the drums are maybe too powerful.
Thanks to everyone who gave critiques and feedback. Greatly appreciated.
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.