A little something I came up with, I think I would classify it as just Rock. There's a solo in there with a harmony, I didn't spend much time on it so it's nothing much. It's on my profile as Rock riff, Check it out!
"It's not about who has the biggest stick, it's about how hard you can swing it"
Now this is something I can listen to. I can't stand all the screaming and shit, nowadays. It's just unlistenable and lame. This... is rock 'n' roll, yo. It's got a Buckcherry vibe to it, and that's cool.

The timing gets pretty wacky, (which I'm sure you already know.) I wish you could make a song of this without any drums, because I'd play 'em for ya. (I have a Roland TD-3, so sound quality will be tasty.)

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Sounds like a great rock riff. I think for this type of song you can afford to turn the distortion down a bit, not so much during the solo, but in the intro definitely. Might just be personal preference though .
im a metal player by heart, so i wouldn't doubt it had a little too much gain haha
"It's not about who has the biggest stick, it's about how hard you can swing it"
Yup, little less gain, and more double tracking would help. I like the riffs, I love straight up rock, it's hard to find any kind of good modern straight up rock cause everyone wants to do metal, of course.

I would spend some extra time with this and actually try to record it in decent quality, cause there are people out there like me who love to listen to instrumental rock.

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THink it sounds great, got an older sound to it which I love. Timing sounds a bit out on parts for me, but not entirely sure. You should defiantly progress this into a song, and maybe try a different tone? IMO I think if you had a slightly "cleaner" tone, but still a rocky tone, it would sound great. THen add some drums, bass and whatever else you can to it. And maybe even sing to it?

Sounds great though..

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yeah the drums are these stock presets that come with my recording program, (i use POD Farm and Rift works) you can't really change much besides tempo and intesity and bar lenght and what not so, it is what it is. i guess if i wanted i could make something in guitar pro and play along with it if i really wanted to
"It's not about who has the biggest stick, it's about how hard you can swing it"
Thats a very good tone you have. Very airy. Very classic Classic rock style, I'm getting an AC/DC vibe.

The solo is a bit sloppy which is a shame because I like the ideas. The second riff is cool but the tempo change is kind of jarring.

Awesome outro! Super Classic rock haha. I liked the riff, a cleaner solo and it would be pretty perfect.

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