Newest track I completed today, Ive really been working on my singing and Im pretty proud of it considering from where Ive come from vocally. I really like this one...think Minus The Bear meets La Dispute meets ????

I play everything on the track if anyone is wondering.... and also
I know the vocals need some balancing volume wise but Im doing the best with the equipment I have and I dont have a vocal compressor considering I record through a digital SIAB

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I'm a big Minus The Bear fan so I couldn't resist listening to this.

I like the "feel" of the song, especially the verse; it's chill. The recording sounds nice and even and it's got a good natural drum sound.

From a a production stand point this song would benefit greatly from some better vocal, and heavy guitar mixing IMO. You should try dubbing both the vocals and distorted guitars. Maybe a touch of reverb on the vocals as well.

I just think overall it sounds a bit dry, but I like it. Good job.

Well pretty good recording and playing, it's a pretty good song. The chorus comes in a little strong, it should build it up a little more. You kind of sound like Billie Joe Armstrong but more emo, anywho. The cymbals could be brought out a little more, I really just here the toms and snare. A little bit of timing issues with the playing of the drums. The singing could be a little more powerful, just like scream the chorus man, with lyrics like that you should want too:p They weren't the best lyrics, but they did the job. It's good all around

Thanks for the crits guys, thanks for the billie joe compliment, I love old green day and although my voice isnt the best I try to make it adjust to the mood of the song!
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
The chorus had a very cool vibe. I could tell the vocals stuck out a lot in the chorus, though. The mixing could use some cleanup. Cymbals are too quiet. Snare has too much bass in it. Do you know how to eq?

With the vocals, they got better in the chorus, but in the verses and in parts of the chorus the melody just seems... flat, or non-existent. I'd suggest keeping the phrasing/rhythms of the vocals the way they are, and play it with a lead guitar with the melody you want, make sure it's all in tune with the rest of the song, and then practice singing the exact notes of the lead guitar. I just can't tell what the melodies are supposed to be in parts -- they have no 'pull.'

I like the vibe and this has a lot of potential, IMO. You will be getting a freind request from me!
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I actually really really like the lo-fi old school emo feel of the recording style. Feels like Sunny Day Real Estate or something. The "living/dying/laughing/crying" part is a cool pre-chorus. It's probably the most memorable part of the song. The interlude part with clean-ish palm-muting is a cool idea. It reminds me of the interlude in "The No Seatbelt Song" by Brand New. In that part though, it doesn't need the solo guitar! I think the solo kind of kills the mood of that section. The vocals are tonally very good, but pitchy/out of key throughout a lot of the song. They definitely got better as it went on, but still not as good as they could be. DO NOT auto-tune or anything though. That would destroy the raw feel of the track. Just keep working on your voice and you'll have a very cool song. Keep it up!

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Way too much bass man, might wanna jack it down, since it sorta drowns the rest out.

The melodies are nice, not so keen on the vocals but the melodies are nice, sounds like you're singing out of your nose though.

Guitar work is solid, helps to capture the vibe you were after man so nice work in not taking away from that.

Pre-chorus is nice man, cool melody and it has a nice feel to it, it's better than the actual chorus in my opinion, though there isn't much wrong with the chorus.

Everything is really drowned out by the bass though man, seriously, the bridge is nice, woulda been cool without the drums and bass there for a little bit though, just to give it some dynamics if you know what I mean.

I think the lead guitar in the bridge should stop when the vocals come in, it's a nice little melody on the guitar, but yeah.

Overall, pretty nice stuff man, I think with some work on your vocals, maybe some harmonies, and the bass being jacked down a load, this'd be a real nice song man.

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ok here we goooooo!!

some nice lo fi ish sounds and things liking that idea that NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE STANDARD RADIO FIDELITY. personally your vocals sound like you are trying to imitate someone when you should just BE FREE TO BE YOURSELF!! They are not IN TUNE but that is OK if you desire that effect. ALL SOUNDS BEING MUSICAL IF YOU WISH. the music is pretty nice, I mean it progresses and changes and things. The VOCALS could use a DOUBLING, and the CHORUS gets loud OUT OF NO WHERE, like the VOLUME WAS JUST TURNED UP BUT NOT THE INTENSITY.

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Not one of my favorite genres, but I like this. The instruments all sound good, and the bass level seems fine to me . It's not overpowering at all. The verse vocals are pretty bad, way off key and nasally, but you get better in the chorus. I think the tone fits the genre anyway, but you definitely need to work on staying in key on the verses.

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I really like it. It needs some work though I'd say this sounds a lot more like Cursive then Minus the Bear, which is not a bad thing in my book. I don't really like the chorus as it is right now though. I think you should really just belt the chorus, I don't care how rough it sounds, I think it would really fit the feel of the song, that may be just because I hear a lot of cursive here. the chorus also needs a little work with the mixing. The vocals need a bit of cleaning up too, sometimes the lead and backup really don't blend well, but I'd say just keep practicing and you'll be set! Keep it up!

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