I was going to start a thread asking if anyone had ever received a very unusual or weird gift. I thought there might be a few amusing stories.
Dunno if I have ever gotten a weird present but I certainly love giving them. Card full of glitter, penis tuxedo, origami turtle, chocolate champagne bottle, shiny man thong, chocolate mouse, a DVD called "Jack Brooks Monster Slayer I Used to be a Plumber," Shamrock Necklace with some fresh shamrock.
I am amazing at giving presents and do it all the time.
How about you??
Yeah, one time I gave my brother a box of tampons for his birthday.
you're a stone fox
I got a can of peanuts on Christmas once. It was packaged in a gigantic box under the tree as a joke.
edit: should've read the OP.
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A little tin with about a dollar in change inside. Also, a pack of bacon.
All the way from Palm Springs, just out of detox.
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