I felt that after a good 4 years of playing and small gigging here and there that I ought to upgrade my rig to higher standards. Through trading my Epiphone Les Paul 100 and Line 6 Spider IV Combo Amp and being a coupon *****, I was able to get all of this for under $1,000 (Can't add the pic for some reason, it says its too big :shrug :

- Gibson Les Paul Studio 60s Tribute Goldtop (P90s)
- Orange Tiny Terror Amp Head
- Raven Classic 4x12 Cabinet
- Vox V847 Wah Pedal

So firstly, would you consider this a good deal? And what would you suggest for additions/changes in the future? (I aim for a 60s/70s classic rock tone, like Page, Clapton, Iommi)

And secondly, I've found that the Tiny Terror is slightly unsatisfying, especially for its price. They sounded great when I played them in the stores and watched videos of them on youtube, but I feel like I may not be getting its full potential. Its my first tube amp, so god knows I could be doing something wrong... any tips or suggestions?

Lastly, I for some reason have a very hard time bending the G string on the Gibson, it feels like the string is very tight, is there any way I can fix this?

Much Appreciated,
I couldn't say for sure but I think it's at least a decent deal. I'm guessing most of it is used?

I never really liked the Tine Terror much...

The first obvious thing to upgrade would be the speaker cab. I don't know which model I have but when those amps were fairly new their 4x12 was the cab I got for my first half stack. I used it with a JSX. I have a Mesa 4x12 now and comparing them I still don't think the Raven is necessarily a bad cab.
The Tiny Terror is refurbished, but everything else is new. And the cab isnt as much a big deal to me, I played through a few different cabs at various price ranges and couldn't really hear a difference... maybe I just havent developed a good ear for it yet. I was mostly looking for suggestion for pedals or possibly upgrades to my guitar or amp.
Sounds like a good deal to me.

A better cab would be a start, though. What are the speakers in the Raven?

A treble booster/drive (Dallas Rangemaster or similar) for Iommi. For Clapton, neck 'bucker and roll back the tone pot. If at all possible keep the amp as cranked as you can.
It's an opinion. It's subjective. And I'm right, anyway.
^The speakers in my Raven are unmarked. You know how it goes in cheaper cabs... they are "specially designed"

They aren't bad at all. Compared to the V30s in my Mesa it was a bit different in the... don't think this is the right term but best I can come up with is a different frequency response, not that it necessarily matters.

The one thing that matters that I noticed a difference in though is clarity. The V30s in the Mesa obviously had more clarity to them, but it doesn't cause any problems for playing out of it. I would have never noticed if I didn't compare them. Even two different amps playing through each cab at the same time it's hard to tell.

Basically the speaker cab is the one thing in your rig that would be considered a real 'budget' item.
Yeah, "specially designed" lol but for the deal i got on them I could care less whether or not they were greenbacks or cheap celestions. I just need a speaker system to plug them amp through. I wanted a 2x12, but they somehow ended up just being more expensive.

A big concern of mine actually, now that you brought it up... are there humbuckers that can fit into my gibson les paul? the P90s fit the slots pretty damn well, I'm wondering if they even manufacture humbuckers that small, and if they do, if they sound just as good. Id honestly rather have humbuckers. Any ideas?
The mini humbuckers in reverse Firebirds and Gibson LP Deluxe were designed to fit into the P90 cavity with little fuss. There are a few brands that make them out there. Honestly not sure of the difference in tonal qualities between them as I have only heard the Gibby ones from the late 70s or so.
It's an opinion. It's subjective. And I'm right, anyway.