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I need some "counterpointers" (buh-dun TISS!): I just started working on species counterpoint to see where it takes me. I've done a few species-one exercises with my own cantus firmi. The first couple of exercises were really hard and I think it was due to my cantus firmus skipping too much. I simplified and stuck with mostly conjunct motion in the next few and the counterpoint was a lot easier. I'd like to see some cantus firmi in action--ones that I didn't just make up in 15 seconds. Do you have a particular place you look up old cantus firmi? I'd be fine just making up my own, but it would nice to have a few to study.
Nothing that is worthwhile in life will ever come easy.
You can probably find the examples that Fux used in his book which are all immaculate examples. Searching online for cantus firmi will result in a lot of results and most of them will be fine, especially if they're from Schacter and Salzer or Jeppeson or Fux.
Get the Fux book. Some of his cantus firmi are easy and some are not. As his book is a didactic work, a lot of his cantus firmi are designed to create problems for the student to overcome. It's totally worth doing.
Thanks guys, I've ordered the Fux book on counterpoint, so I'll just have to wait on that. In the meantime, I'll check out the other guys jazz_rock mentioned via the internet.
Nothing that is worthwhile in life will ever come easy.