Poll: Would you share a drink?
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Definately; without thinking anything of it
53 36%
Probably would; but generally would perfer not to
65 44%
Probably not; just kind of iffy about it
24 16%
Definately not; I think it's gross
6 4%
Voters: 148.
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For the sake of having 10 choices for this poll, this is the basic rundown of the situation to remove other factors. The drink is anything logical and you're sharing it by the same straw, or the same part of the lip of the glass; you can't use the other side, you have to put your lips where they put there's.

Also, they're not a slob with sweat going down their lips, but they're not extremely clean person who brushes 5 times a day, they're your average person of mouth-region cleanliness.

So. Would you share a drink?
depends, my thirsty level has a big part in this. if i see they are even more thirsty than i am then i would most definately help a brother out.
I'd rather not for obvious reasons, but I generally would with my friends. When mooching off other people's drinks, I always go the waterfall route when possible.
did they pay for the beer? then yes i would share, but if not...no! its mine! get away!
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did they pay for the beer? then yes i would share, but if not...no! its mine! get away!

If they purchased the beer, im pretty sure they would be the one sharing with you.
Yeah I always do even if the other persons sick or something. Nothing bad's happened so far though. It doesn't really matter to me.
really? there's people that are worried about this shit?
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I'd be willing to share a drink with anyone. I mean, I don't do it when I know when others don't like it, but I'm more than willing to share if someone were to ask.
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Yeah, I do it all time with family, friends and some acquaintances.
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If they ask, and I can judge no reason why I would say no, then they can go ahead. If they are a stranger I would probably be very unsure of that.
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If they're a friend then yeah, if they're a stranger then no.
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I don't care at all. Especially if they're (hot) chicks AWWWWWYEAH amiright??
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I have no problem with it. If they're a stranger then probably not but anybody else would be fine. Friends, family, etc.

Edit: I would 'share' a drink with a stranger if I wasn't going to have anymore.
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I'd probably wipe if I couldn't sip from a different are.
If it's a friend I'd probably be game though, not that gross in my eyes
Wouldn't leap out of my way to do it. But I have done it.

...last night I actually did this three times I think...I let someone take a sip of my beer...I took a sip of the same person's bacardi and coke (...under request of someone else because they thought it tasted strong...even though it wasn't their drink...) and I tried someone's Long Island Ice Tea...

...so I think that means I'm down with it.

Though I never drink anyone else's unless it's a drink that's like...under demand to be tasted, which is usuallly alcoholic.
Like, if I'm thirsty and someone has a bottle of water I won't go "Can I have some of that?" but I'd be cool with it being the other way round, cos I'm not a douche like that.
I'm always down to strengthen my immune system
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Yeah why not? I'm not exactly gonna catch mouth herpes or tongue aids.

Because everyone knows you can only get tongue aids during anal sex.
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If I don't know the person, probably not. But just the other day, I let my dad try a sip of my MGD 64 Lemonade and then drank the rest of it. My wife and I share drinks a lot if it's something neither of us have had before.
Only with good friends and close family.
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NO! The Drink is mine.
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Sure, why not.
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The only life lesson my mum every taught me is " ewww germs are icky" so I automatically wipe before taking someones drink.

This is sort of strange cause I have no problem taking someone elses chewing gum.
The corners of your mouth feel dry and rather itchy, don't they?

(oh god, I just noticed this one) Your penis is never quite comfortable in its current position.

oh btw:
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What's the point of sharing a drink if you can just get two of the same drink?

Not that I mind it really.
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There's a reason for me having an immune system, so yeah it's totally cool with me.
I'm not too bothered by it. I do it with my best friends and my girlfriend. I don't know why only them, its not like they don't have any germs. But yeah, if you're a good friend I don't mind sharing a drink with you. Only the other night I shared a bottle of some sweet nasty vodka stuff with a friend (a girl, that's why it was yucky sweet vodka ). Another thing is whenever I'm at McDonalds with this one mate of mine we'll usually share a drink. It's not like he has herpes or anything, so I don't care.

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I share drinks with my female friends all the time. Male? Not so much.

Why? I do it with girls more often, but that's just because I have more female friends than male friends. You scared of boy germs?




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I share drinks all the time, it's not a problem.
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About as willing as I am to do ass-to-mouth, which is not very.

But seriously, it's no that that big of a deal.
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