The goal is to sound like Warren Haynes in Gov't Mule but you only have $3000 (2,070 euros) to achieve the sound. What Guitar Gear & Accessories do you buy?!
Spend $3k on flights and accomodation, kidnap Warren and force him to give me lessons whilst he re-records his back catalogue with whatever crap I can lay my hands on.
It's an opinion. It's subjective. And I'm right, anyway.
One of those new Gibson Tribute LPs - $600
Fender Twin - $800
Tubescreamer, Slide, cables - $100

$1500 worth of pizza and donuts, because clearly looking like a bloated potato is the source of his toanz.

For what it's worth, Govt Mule's set put me to sleep at Mtn. Jam this year, he wasn't bad or anything, it was just boring.
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