Hi everyone,

I'm planning to buy a new guitar, but can't decide between these three models of Jackson: sl3mg, slsmg, slat3-6. I play death metal, metalcore and some old school. I have Ibanez rg370dx to play other styles so I don't care if the guitar that I am going to buy will be only for metal. If you can say these guitars' advantages and disadvantages or if they are worth their price, I will be very thankful.
(Sorry for my english, I am not a native speaker.)




The specs of those guitars are pretty much similiar if you ask me. (ordered SL3MG myself)
The only question here is: Do you wan't a tremolo or do you wan't to save some money?
Because the SLSMG is a bit cheaper but doesn't have a Floyd Rose.
I don't know if they're worth the price (probably not because nothing is), but that's why we work don't we?

Good luck
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They're all good guitars, and all quite similar to one another really. In fact I think the only difference between the SL3MG and the SLAT3-6 is that the first is a flat top and the second is an archtop. That's just personal preference as to which one you would rather have.

The SLSMG is a bit more different. It's mahogany bodied, so you could expect the tone to be a bit warmer, although you won't notice that much with the EMGs. The body is also thinner IIRC, and it's string through rather than Floyd'ed.

I'd say it just comes down to whether you want a Floyd or not. If not, get the SLSMG. If you do, then all you have to do is pick whether you'd rather have a flat top or an archtop.
I hate floyds and love the headstock on the slsmg so I would say that, but you would most likely be happy with any of them
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