I have the opportunity to convert my garage into a nice little practice area for my band and had a few small questions about what to do with mics

I will be wanting to have two mics and was wondering where to start about getting them nice and loud over the rest of our gear

I dont want to go out and buy some big PA system, just something cheap and easy that will be alright

So where do I start and what will I need apart from the mics, stands and cables?

No I was wondering what else I needed for the mics that's what my question is all about
Also I'd like some examples of equipment that would be good for what I need
If you're using it solely for vox at practice, a little 4 channel powered mixer and a couple of 10" monitors would probably do the trick pretty well. I've had good luck with that set up before as long as your band doesn't practice stupidly loud.

I won't recommend this brand specifically, but it's the first thing that came up on MF to give you an idea of what I'm talking about: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/phonic-powerpod-410--s710-pa-package/630485000000000

From there you might want to spend almost as much money on a couple of mics. Since a shure sm58 is the most common thing you run into at gigs, you might buy one of those used for $60ish to always have one around for familiarity's sake. Other than that, I usually just keep a look out for random dynamic mics that go on clearance because it's always fun to have some variety with them.

A super cheap PA like that can also come in handy for little coffee shop gigs or speaking events. I've gotten my money's worth out of mine over the years.

If you want to spend more cash, you could start with a couple cheap powered speakers and a bigger, non-powered mixer. That would be more expandable down the road, and I've seen more than a few bands filling up a small bar with just a couple 12" active behringers and small board.

*edit I'm personally of the mind that a smaller PA is better for practice because it forces everyone to play in a more quiet and controlled way where they can more easily really listen to one another.
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You will spend at lest $400 or more for a so-so practice PA. I found a Nady one on zzounds for $330, but you will still need another mic, mic stands, and another mic cable. Search out your local pawn shops, with the way the economy is you can get some great deals. You may end up with a $1000+ PA setup for $400-$500.
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