I've noticed I'm technically better at rhythm than lead. I write my own stuff and don't work with any other musicians. If I write a thrash song with a solo, that part will be slower. I don't actually have any desire whatsoever to learn to shred. I dig a more melodic, filmscore-influenced sound. But I like to thrash.

What would you think of a speed metal song that slows down for the solo? Will it sound bad, or could it become a signature style? Are there any songs or bands like that?
I'm not yet that much into song-writing, nor have I heard a lot of thrash/speed metal, but I think that if that is what you dig, you should just try it and see if it works out for you.

You could also just get a good lead player, later on, and as a solo-part for yourself have a nice, bit slower, harmonized guitar duet or something. Just a suggestion ;-)

Good luck with writing a new metal masterpiece!

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Hmm, the Symphony Of Destruction solo is fairly slow. Also, Technical Difficulties is super easy, you could try that (Kidding )
An example of a song that does this, though it may not be speed metal technically, more metalcore/heavy metal, but one song that came to mind was "Not Ready to Die" by Demon Hunter. It has faster verses and slower chorus/bridge. See if you like it.

Personally, I think that change of pace would be fine. A lot of rock/metal songs do that. And besides, even if no one has done it before, who cares. That's what making music is all about, right? Creating your own style thats unique. I say go for it.
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