I bought two 4 day weekend camping tickets for Sonisphere 7th July - 11th July but I am unable to go.
I am looking sell these tickets for £350 for both. I also have tickets for coach travel with the big green coach from GLASGOW to the festival leaving on thursday 7th morning. I would be willing to sell these for an additional £100.
I would be willing to meet up in glasgow or the surrounding areas if someone was interested in buying. I would also accept paypal payment.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
I'm not entirely certain if it's allowed to make a thread about it, but if I were you I'd advertise it in your sig in big, hard-not-to-see letters.

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These ad bots are getting smarter and smarter these days...
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I am not an ad bot but I was expecting comments about the join date

Well, if you really are a regular user of the forums, the best way to advertise that you're selling the tickets would be to write it in your sig. Solicitation threads don't typically do very well, and before long this thread will probably end up closed.

Also, I'm no Englishman, but £350 seems like quite a bit. Isn't that somewhere around $500 or $600? I don't know how much the tickets were originally, but you should probably be prepared to lower that price if you want any takers, especially over the internet where you could just as easily be sending someone an e-mail about their inheritance from a long lost relative of Nigerian royalty.