The dealer in my area suggested I check out the Greg Bennet range. He says it is very good for rock, classic rock,etc Has anyhone on here played a Greg Bennett ? And if yes can you let me know if they can handle hard rock, metal ?
Hi, yes I have. The Greg Bennett Concorde II. Don't let the price fool you, I think I've payed 400$ for it but it beats the shit out of my ESP LTD that cost about 200$ more. It has a very sturdy build, a great feel, good grover hardware, very solid finish. The only think I eventually changed were the pickups. They're Duncan designed but I replaced them with Dimarzios.
I have. It's a Royale RL-3 or 4, my school bought it. Very, very nice guitar. Cost somewhere around $500. Veneer quilted maple top, semi-hollow construction, duncan design pickups. Super thin neck, too, which really surprised me. It's thin, and flat.

I would say it's comparable to a Wizard II or LTD Thin-U contour.

Not sure if I'd play that guitar for metal. Gives off a lot of feedback. Granted I play it through a 70's or 80's Roland JC-100, but still. Lots of feedback, even on clean.

Extremely solid guitar, nonetheless.
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They are terrible, get a standardn Ibanez or a Cort

Terrible in what way ? can you explain please ?
haha, Ibanez and Cort were made and some still are made by samick, which just so happens to make greg bennett.

Greg Bennetts are some of the better guitars to find cheap and they will be a workhorse for you. The AV series is very comparable to my Agile and Epi les pauls, while the malibu strat copy is comparable to fender mim's or at least higer end squires.
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These are really well made, great sounding guitars. Lovely to play and I have owned American Strats and a White Falcon. Incredible value for money.
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