Just installed a new volume pot and it doesn't seem to want to roll to 0% volume. It's more of a 100% - 70% swing. Any ideas what causes this?
you can't just have the 3rd lug wired up to nothing; it needs to go to the ground at the bottom of the pot or wherever you've put it.

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This is what you do. Potentiometers have 3 lugs just like a woman has 3 holes. Locate the 3rd one, farthest to the right, you don't wanna mess with the wrong one or they tend to get pissed. Provoke your soldering iron to get nice and hot for ya. Then throw in a little solder to get real kinky with it. Now bend the 3rd lug onto the back of the pot, that really gets em goin. Then make sweet passionate love in the form of firm strokes so that you get a nice solid tack on it with the soldering iron. When it's all cooled down and you've had a cigarette, she'll be nice and shiny, and your problem will be fixed.
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Sounds like that's probably the issue. The third lug is just dangling there. Is that the likely source of my static hum as well? When I touch the jack plate, the hum goes away...

Thanks everyone!

Enjoyed the C-S reply.