What are some good beginner songs I should look up to do?
I dont care what genre.
I just want to play something since I only know the chords but no song.
tom petty & the heartbreakers - free fallin'
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good riddance by greenday has some good basic chords in it to practice switching. just slow it down a bit and practice. it also has a more intermediate strumming pattern to work on

Can you play a barre chord? Do you like to scream until you're hoarse? Try "Oh Darling" by the Beatles.
I admit I always find these sorts of threads to be a bit confusing.
When I started playing, it was a matter of "I sure would like to be able to play THAT!"

I knew quite well the sorts of tunes I was interested in, and wanted to acquire the ability to play them. The idea of buying a guitar and then asking strangers what to play on same seems odd...
There's such a fantastic variety of music and personal likes and dislikes....

But seriously, pretty much any song you like, attempt. If it's vastly above your skill level (Andy McKee, for example), come back to it later. If not, learn it. I really must agree with Bikewer here. Spot-on analysis mate.
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try the sexolydian scale.
Hm I think I have to agree with the posters above.

Starting out fresh, it's sometimes easy to lose interest if you don't motivate yourself. Playing songs you don't know or like won't keep you motivated.

Pick a song you enjoy, and then work at it. There's something great feeling about when you are first able to really pull a song together and make it sound good.
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I agree with some of you that when I started I would think, I want to learn that song. The problem is, I would look it up and it had barre chords or I literally only knew 5 chords and it included ones that I didn't. So, I completely understand this thread. I do suggest looking up songs you like and challenging yourself. It will help you learn new chords etc. The other thing is, go back to those songs if they are too hard right now. As you get better, you will be able to play them eventually. So, for some easy 3 or 4 chord songs.

Sweet home Alabama
Picture by Sheryl Crow and Kid rock
Last kiss by Pearl Jam
Elderly woman behind the counter in a small town by Pearl jam
Stand by me

All of these use similar chords. Good luck

First one is easy as hell, and is what I use to use play to warm up.
Second one is kinda hard, but definitely helps with chord changes, and strumming.
Third one, well... i just love that song.
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Gosh, if you're going to suggest a tune by America, at least suggest their one good one, "Sister Golden Hair"....