Been looking at the Jackson KV5, the DBZ Venom, and the KV2.

The KV5 and Venom being in a similar price range for me and the KV2 obviously being the more expensive one. Would i be better off saving up for a KV2? I am unable to find a KV2 to try out to see if it feels that much better to shell out the extra cash.

Where the Venom is slightly different in build having a mahogany neck and body and the KV2 being a maple. I can get a used KV2 in the 1k-1.2k range or a new Venom in the 650 area. From what i see right now DBZ prices are pretty low for what you get so im thinking is it worth doubling the expense for the USA made guitar?

With the money saved with a DBZ id swap out the EMGs for BKPS
I'd try the DBZ. I've heard nothing but good things about them. And please, please do not switch out pickups until you've tried them at home with your gear.
Yeah im gonna head to a shop nearby to try out the DBZ. As for the pickup i currently have EMGs on my guitar. Though i will definitely give it a shot before i swap them out.