I had a MIM Fender neck (which I once used on an MIA Fender body for years) and I wanted to put it to use, but not spend much money. So I bought a Squire body and the holes drilled in the body do not match up to the holes drilled in the MIM neck. Thanks Fender Korea.

I have seen people in other forums say to dowl the neck and redrill it, but the neck is nicer than the body and I know its drilled correctly. I would also like to use this neck again in the future. The body holes are just slightly off. My current plan is to get a drill and enlarge the body holes to match up with ones on the neck. Does this sound like a feasible plan? Will the pressure and friction from the neck screws and tight pocket make this a success? Any thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks.
As long as the window of difference in the neck body holes isn't too drastic, I say go for it, because then you'd get a nice secure fit from the neck and neckplate holding in place by pressure. It's not as risky as ruining a nice MIM neck, I have a MIM strat and the neck is amazing.
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you mean having the body holes loose fit with the screws, and relying on the plate pressure to hold the neck from moving around? i would say not a good idea... ive never done it, but i would think you would need more than that. my opinion is try something like:

drill the holes to the bigger size until your screws line up. take a slightly smaller drill bit, wrap it in foil, put it through the body like the screw, into the neck. fill the hole with gorilla glue, it will expand around the bit and fill the hole, and when it dries you can pull the bit out of the foil. then put your screw in. youll want to make sure to put foil on the neck so the glue doesnt seep down to the neck and glue it on though!
xaddioriderx, I like the concept but that sounds real tricky if the glue gets anywhere it shouldn't. What if i used something else to fill in the dead space? Wood putty? Bondo?
you can, people do. i dont like wood putty, i havent used it a lot, but it just seems so brittle and unstable. i could be wrong, but thats my opinion... i dont think it would be too hard to make sure the glue didnt seep down, but its up to you. you can google search for filling neck holes and see what people have used, im sure wood putty would be okay. there wont be a ton of pressure on them, they mostly just stabilize things
I've never used gorilla glue before. When the it drys will the foil stick to the glue or will the foil peel off? What is the consistency of gorilla glue?
yeah jb weld would work. gorilla glue is fairly thick glue, and it expands about 3 or 4 times.
that means it can be messy if youre not careful. when it hardens its like a dense, hard foam. (this is what i used on my neck holes)
the foil will undoubtedly stick to the glue, but thats why i suggested it, that way you can pull the bit or whatever you use back out. you can use the same method with jb weld frankly so you dont have to redrill and risk missing again. the foil will stay in the hole, but when you thread a screw in it wont matter. you dont have to use foil, just use something that glue or jb weld wont soak through. you can also use whatever you want to in the hole, the only purpose is to know where your holes should go.
if you fill the neck too, then obviously it doesnt matter and you can fill completely and drill all new holes
Thanks for all the responses. I'll give it a go this weekend and see what happens. Gorilla glue or Wood Putty is where Im at now. The JB Weld may be too heavy duty. That will be next if the other two don't work.