So I definitely posted an ad here on UG before but I couldn't find it so maybe it got deleted or something.

Anyways, I'm in a band that needs a bass player. We had one for awhile but due to personal reasons he couldn't keep going with it, so we need a replacement.

Genre-wise we are a metal band. I don't know what sub-genre of metal we technically are as there are about a million of those but we definitely have a nice groove every now and then with some progressive elements.

As far as what kind of bass player we're looking for.............we aren't really sure. Our last bassist was a jazzier player with some ambient stuff thrown in. We aren't exactly looking for that specifically though, although if that's how you play than that's fine. The moral of the story is that we aren't looking for anything specific. Although someone that isn't afraid to play something different than what the guitars are doing every once in awhile would be nice.

One thing we do need is someone with a live-rig. Everyone else in the band has equipment ready to play a show. Now we haven't actually played live yet together but were looking too soon so you will need the equipment to do so. And while we don't have any recordings as of yet, also something were looking to have done soon, I am in the process of making scratch tracks of the guitar and bass parts (as of now) for the other guys in the band and would have no problem e-mailing them to you if interested.

If you'd like to know more feel free to respond to the thread here, PM me, or e-mail me at dx0731@wayne.edu.

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I think I replied to your old thread but I can't remember. But I would like to hear some things that you can email me somethings.
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