So I'm planning to buy the ESP H-1001, but I dont know if EMG's or Duncans would be more appropriate. Ill be playing it through a peavey vypyr 120t, with a dunlop crybaby.
Depends, what kind of tone are you going for?
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What kind of music are you playing? I have to say, I have the 81/85 combination on my Ibanez and I got Seymour Duncan on my LTD EC-401VF and the Duncans totally own the EMGs, they're by far my favorite pickups. I play all around rock.
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Can you try them and decide for yourself as pickup choice is very subjective.
What music do you play? Which bands for example

Personally I would go with the Duncans because I don't like EMG's all that much, but that doesn't count for anything really
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I've tried both in different Schecters, also through a vypyr amp. They sounded ok, but they are better played through a real tube amp. Wait, I answered this question for you already!
For the perfect heavy metal sound:
EMG (81) humbuckers-brigde
EMG (60) humbuckers-neck

Very nice combination with good lead tones, for playing rythm guitar or a clean sound. The 81/81 or 81/85 combinations are also very good, depends on what kind of music you are playing?
I like Duncan's for more of a really vintage sounding high gain tone and they have wonderfully nice cleans. Emg's are great at what they though, mordern high gain
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