Hay, I'm trying to write a song with my band. We corrently working on a guitar part+lyrics and after that we'll add bass and drums.

We already have the lyrics but with the guitar parts I can write a cool riff/a cool verse/a cool chorus but I can't write a chorus and verse that go together (riff and verse are fine). All that I write just sounds unconnected.

Also while writing lyrics I usually can write a really good verse or even 2 but then i get stack and I can't write no more (I don't really like our singers writing because he doesn't use ryhmes and I think they are a must). Same with chorus-I can write a great chorus lyrics but I can't it anywhere from there.

any help?
doesn't help. Sound too different. In the particular song the verse sounds like slayer and the chorus like lamb of god or pantera. But even then I try connecting chorus and verse that sound from the same genre it still won't work
verse basic power chords and chorus chords but more complicated rythm.
What kind of chord progression are you using? Maybe you are going against music theory and trying to make chords fit that shouldn't be together. Try leading into the chorus with the IV or V chord of the scale.
I'm working with the same scale both with the Verse and the Chorus. The problem is not with the theory. It's just sounds wrong and i can't find anything that sounds right
i can record but it just sounds bad without the lyrics+the recording sucks
Lyrics should generally should be finished at the later stages of the song. Its much easier to approach the pre-chorus or whatever your doing with music to write lyrics to, because the only thing in your head when concentrated on the lyrical part is a tempo.

To get to the point, don't focus on the lyrics if your having trouble with the tab. A lot of people actually have made up lyrics that make almost no sense (singing it on the spot) in their demos just to get a feel for what it will sound like. Thats why its harder to get a song to sound just right when you have to work around your lyrics. Its easier to make the lyrics wrap around the song then to make the verse/chorus/whatever fit your lyrics.

Get what I'm saying? If you need lyrics at this moment don't make them complex. You can always change them later.
Wrong forum. This belongs in Musician Talk. Songwriting & Lyrics is about lyrics, or any other original work based around words. I know the title is confusing but the rules explain it all.

The Techniques sub-forum is for advice on how to write lyrics, poetry, prose, etc. Again, only related to words and not the music.