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I'd like to be able to record my own songs & covers, each instrument being played by me (for the lulz). I need to be able to record electric guitar, bass guitar, vocals, and electronic drums.

The electric drums should be fairly easy as I can just directly input it to my computer and record MIDI.

For the electric guitar I will be using a MArshall DSL401, so I want to record through a mic to capture the full tube tone. I understand I'll need a mic of somesort (probably Shure SM57), and a recording interface. Do these interfaces have amps in them as well? Or will I need a separate pre-amp to bring it up to a decent level before mixing on my computer?

I understand that bass guitar will largely be the same process, except with a different microphone. Which mic should I choose? I want a decent one, but I'm on a budget (basically the bass guitar equivalent of the SM57).

For vocals, I will record through a mic into the recording interface (at different times so I won't need loads of inputs on the interface). A mic I have heard about is the Shure SM58, good choice?

The recording interface is the main part, I want one with an amp in preferably. Which would you reccomend? I already have Garageband on my computer which should be OK for beginning to mix and record. As you can see I am somewhat of a noob so any help you guys can give me would be great!

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SM57's are the goto for guitar amps (amongst many other things). If you have a LDC mic, you can couple that with the 57 to capture more high end out of the amp or get some room tones. As far as interfaces and pre-amps, it depends on the interface. Almost all do have a pre-amp (albeit it might be crappy) but always check to make sure. You'll also need phantom power inputs for a condenser mic.

Bass you generally don't wanna mic. Too much low end in there for a microphone to accurately capture without sounding muddy or rumbly. You also don't really need to, since you can shape the bass tone in your DAW. I'd suggest DI-ing it. If you absolutely MUST mic your bass cab, use a kick drum mic, like the D112. I've had those capture bass cabs pretty well.

An SM58 is ok for recording vocals if you already have one lying around, but it's a dynamic mic meant for live purposes. If you're gonna go out and buy a mic, you want a large diaphragm condenser. I've had great results with MXL mics, which are fairly cheap (around 150-200).

As far as interface, look at m-audio or apogee if you have a mac. those are solid brands to start researching on. And while garageband is great for small simple projects, I'd suggest looking into a true DAW, maybe protools LE, or cubase or such. Any limited edition DAW that'll let you load 3rd party plugins, and you should be good.
Thank you very much! Great response

I'm goin to start out small, try some stuff out and take it from there. Yes I have heard of more than one mic on an amp, if I get I to this more I will get a LDC mic to capture a better tone, and an improved DAW for sure.

Thanks for the tip on recording bass - that was really helpful. I'll definitely look into recording via DI in that case. And I'll also look into M-Audio who I have heard about too. Thanks, you basically told me everything I need to know in the first reply!
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The only good thing about my MG30 was I was able to have it in my room for 5 years solely as a place to hide cigarettes and condoms.