Yo guys,

Right I have been after a Cab for a while now, but due to a lack of money and a lack of knowledge about what i want, i still havent purchased one.

Ok 1st off, I have a Marshall JCM2000 DSL50 head (Using this live and at band practises, but shit combo for baedroom playing) I mainly play metal (ocassionally abit of blues, and a bit of jazz) on a PRS Torero and a BC Rich Warlock equipped with EMG's. M band is a Metalcore/Death metal style band.

I asked for abit of help before in my local guitar shop (Mansons) and they basically said i should get an Orange cab, which i had been looking at previously. Along with marshall 1936 / 1960a.
They also said, only go for a big name make like Orange, Marshall, Mesa, Engl, Mills, etc, because they have spent millions on finding out the best type of wood, shape of cab, thickness, etc. For your tone. So theres are inevitably going to be better.

Although someone recommended io get an Avatar cab the other day, which i basically customise, then they build, which sounds cool, but i dont know if that the best thing to do, because i dont have a clue about speakers.

Soooo, i guess the problem is, i dont know what im looking for in a cab, so i need you guys to help me out!

Oh and another, i have no idea about impendance, wattage etc anymore, i thought i knew, but i dont. My head has '16ohm only' and '4 or 8 parallel jacks'. Can i run a cab with one speaker lead, going from 8 ohm jack, but just one of them? Also my Head is 50 watt, so does that make a difference to what cab i should be getting?
AND does Parallel just mean stereo? So you run 2 leads to 2 cabs?
Sorry i am such a noob.

So answer these questions, and recommend me a cab. Im thinking about just getting a 2x12 because i dont have alot of room! (however preferably on that will fit my head on top and not be really thin, like teh orange 2x12!)

Sorry i rambled on, help would be greatly appreciated!