I was really surprised that I wrote these fairly quickly, been attempting to write some sort of lyric for a long time. No title as yet.

Is anyone like me
So i can see
How normal i really am
Cleaning dirties the mind bringing the feelings back
Where am i going to find the self control I lack?
Awkward conversations ring through my head
Need to put these thoughts firmly into bed
I know they could be minor, but they still give me chills
Still i dwell on blunders, when i should be chasing thrills
Am i a normal man, i sometimes ask myself
To know im not alone, would offer me some help
Borrowed gifts or lack of thought
These gifts i hope i haven’t bought
Can i change, will i grow
Can’t stop now, i need to know
I hope and i wish that these things go away
I want to join the real world, have real fun every day
Remove all the misery thats blocking up my head
Replace the thoughts with happiness, so i can laugh instead
I'm glad I can take your song virginity. Truly honored.

Anyway, I love this song. The only part of it I dont love is the second line of the bridge... I dont think it fits.
Not a bad first go at things, the lyrics are simple, but a lot of people still like that.

I agree though that I would rework the bridge a bit to start with.

Keeping it as close to original as possible I'd go;

Gifts with lack of thought
Gifts I hope I havent bought (or) Gifts with hope I haven't bought

Potential song titles I see from these lyrics:

Me and Myself
Everything but Real
Wow, nice job for your first piece! Welcome to the songwriting forum.
Just a friendly tip, the more you critique and show interest in other people's work, the more willing they'll be to help you out.
I hope to see more of your stuff around in the future!