Is there such a thing? I just had the Idea of how cool it would be to get some to put on one of my guitars! Then later if I decided I didn't want them anymore I could peel them off and no damage done.

Anyone know where I could get some if such a thing exists?

Stickers would probably wreck your fretboard, so I'm pretty sure they don't exist
Google up "Fret Daddy"
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Stickers would probably wreck your fretboard, so I'm pretty sure they don't exist

Yeah, that's what I though.

What's going to happen when you bend on fret that has the sticker?

If you are really dying for custom designs, just get custom Inlays I suppose, but that will cost you a fortune.
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There are lots of fretboard stickers. A lot of guitarists who make instructional DVDs use the small numbered stickers that go on the edge of the fretboard to help you see where they are playing
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I dunno, seems pretty tacky to me...
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I dunno, seems pretty tacky to me...

Excellent pun work.

The string bend thing wouldn't really be an issue for me as I don't utilize string bends in my playing.

Thanks for the links everyone I'll check them put.

String bend thing was joke
i remember seeing them on eBay at one time thinking, they wont last a minute
@jecox ssssoooo ssweeeet that whole set up is so sweet. If I had any distortion/delay setup it would be the akai headrush and BM. Awesome set up.


it was cheap so
i bought a set of stickers just to see.

they looked kind of cool. here on this tele.
they peel right off this finished neck and
dont interfere with play.

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i prefer to steer clear of stickers as they only seem to look good for about a week then they just look stupid and controlled bending becomes like mission impossible.
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I had stickers I got out of one of those machines in stores on mine for a long time and it didn't mess up my string bends at all, but then again I try not to press the strings down harder than they need to be to get the proper note.
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