So I found tiny little speaker thing in my church, and I couldn't really figure out what it was...It had two small 3 inch speakers, but said it was 200 watts, and "ferrofluid" cooled. So I brought it home, and was like, what the heck, I'll just plug it into my mic amp, and plug my guitar into one of the channels and see what it does...What I got was pretty friken awesome.

It's actually pretty loud for being so small, it would of been even louder had I run it at the correct ohms, the monitor runs at 16 ohms, and my mic amp runs at 4.

I'll let ya'll take a guess at what I found. Pics.

Cool story, bro.

Now, what will you do with it?
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Foldback wedge maybe?
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Quote by Cathbard
Foldback wedge maybe?

No, it's a Galaxy Audio Hot Spot VC personal monitor.

What I'd like to do with it is somehow wire it into my existing monitor system cause it's a great flat sounding monitor. The only problem with that is my monitor is a hifi stereo system...so idk if it'll work.