It's like Dick Dale meets System of a Down. Woot! It made my head squeeze. Drums are a bit of a let down, but hey, ya work with what ya got, right?

Thumbs up.
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Reminded me of Ride the Lighting era Metallica. The guitars could be turned down a tiny bit to help the drums come out, but obviously the guitars are the showcase instrument here so maybe not. The transitions could use a transitional riff (talking at the 2 minute mark), the drop in tempo is a bit sudden. Overall it sounds fantastic though, great work! Very good thrashy metal riffage
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Well I like your rhythm tone but I'm not too impressed with your lead tone . Actually upon further listening I really like your rhythm tone! Pretty tight riffing here too man gj,

I dunno if this is a work in progress and you wan't to put lyrics over it but I would say it doesn't work as an instrumental. It would be a sick track under some vocals though if that's what you were going for.

I would say the tempo change was cool but a bit too much it really feels like the song is drunk, again not helped by your lead tone. The change back to the original tempo is also a bit too much I think less of a tempo change would be less jarring but I think the tempo change in general is cool.

The solo is going a bit long.

I like the riff after the solo and again your riffing is seriously sweet and the tone is great.

Good song I critiqued as I listened and in general with a bit of polish this is a great song. Could use some vocals but not to distract from the instrumental just to complete it.

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OK HERE WE GO!! HAhaha the lead tone is interesting AND FRESH! Because I have NEVER HEARD THAT before. You should make it a bit louder though . The rhythm guitar is so beefy it must be two guitars! Either way it sounds amazing. This is fun! It needs some vocals for it to be WIDELY ACCEPTED though.

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