just wanna ask, cuz im thinkin about selling some stuff.
i have a 2 year old Epi Valve Junior head and 1x12 cab
Boss Me-20 (christmas of 09)
Vox Wah (2 and 1/2 to 3 years old i dont remember)

im thinkin like, 200 for the whole amp system, 100 for the Boss maybe 120 and like 50 or 60 for the wah?
these things have only ever seen one small gig... no scratches or anything just bedroom use.
ive never sold anything so im not sure if im too high or too low! thanks guys!
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i'm gonna deal in GB£ here so it's up to you to convert the money.

used you're looking at:
ME-20 - £50-£75 depending on box/accessories/condition
Vox Wah (i presume V845) - £20-£35 depending on box/condition etc
epi valve junior head (5w?) - £40-£60 depending on condition
cab - £50-£75 depending on condition
or to sell head+cab together £100-£140 depending on condition etc.
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