Im looking to buy an amp but not really sure what one, i have heard really good things about valve amps but are they really expensive? I have looked at the fender super champ XD and cant really find anything better. Any advice would be appreciated.
what do you want to be using it for?

what sort of music will you be playing and do you plan to gig with your new amp? ^^

i like the sound from blackstar ht5 / ht1 as a home use valve amp personally

the more watts you buy the less you can crank the amp at home, this doesn't really change the tone in a solid state amp, where a valve amp sounds different as you increase the volume..
I would use it for home practice, small giggs, loop pedals (not sure if that makes a difference). I play blues/rock and a bit of acoustic stuff.
i only have one problem with the vypr, it doesnt have an effects loop, and i really need one.