Evening (In the UK at least) gents,

haven't been on for a while and looking for an amp for gigging, I currently own a fender G dec junior which I have been using for practicing and get on OK with. I need something with a bit more power though.

I play old british rock - think the kinks, the stones, the who. So good clean tones are important, I also play some more modern rock - arctic monkeys, .so I'm hoping to find something that can handle overdrive too. I am particularly fond of my little big muff pedal.

My budget is £500 and I can go for new or used amps. I live in Essex, trips to London aren't much bother either. My current guitar is a fender lite ash telecaster and any help would be greatly appreciated!
ac30 used
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+1 for a used AC30. Also laney VC30 for cheaps, maybe something a bit more marshally, though your budget's a bit limiting, perhaps an old JCM combo? Traynor YCVsomething? (whichever one's the marshally one, think it's the 40)
An all tube marshall combo is definitely the ideal choice, however just about anything with EL34's or 84's or whatever the other nomenclature is for more "british voiced" tubes/amps should do well enough.
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New? Laney VC30, preferably the 2x12" version if you don't mind dragging around big and heavy amps.

Used? Vox AC30, or the previously mentioned VC30 and new speakers.

The Vox I guess you've heard plenty about already, it's practically the standard solution for what you're doing. The VC30 is sometimes referred to as a "poor man's AC30", but it's got two channels and gets a nice amount of overdrive on it's own, which would eliminate the need for dirt pedals in your case. I think they're great amps and hardly worse than C2 Voxes once you swap the crappy stock speakers.
Orange Rocker 30 + a graphic Eq for your clean channel.

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