How many years for playing a metallica song?

I play guitar since 1 year...For playing metallica i need what? Just only pratique a lot?

I'm able to play wherever i may roam and enter sandman!
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It's all about practice. The more you practice, the faster you'll learn. It also depends on the complexity of the song. Master of Puppets will take longer than Nothing Else Matters, for instance. No one can actually answer your question for you, because it's all about how devoted you are.
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Depends on whether you're learning the lead or rhythm part.

Rhythm (James Hetfield) - generally easier than lead but faster in the verses and choruses (ie. The Four Horsemen) however there are songs that have a rhythm solo (Master of Puppets, One)

Lead (Kirk Hammett) - generally harder and requires more technique due to solos.
Techniques such as tremolo picking, speed playing, tapping, sweeping and legato may be required in the solos. Tapping is the most common (One, Hit The Lights). ALTERNATE PICKING IS REQUIRED IN MOST SOLOS. You may also need a Wah pedal (Enter Sandman, Fight Fire With Fire, No Remorse, The Unforgiven). A guitar with a Floyd rose bridge may be required (Enter Sandman, Suicide & Redemption). Finger-picking is required in some ballads (Nothing Else Matters).

For Whom the Bell Tolls is easy try that it doesn't even have a solo just an interlude
Sad But true is also slow and easy.
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