Yesterday I realized the pin inside the output jack on my strat (MIM) was a little bent out of place. It was making it so that my cable would constantly fall out because it would never click into place. So I open it up, thinking it would be an easy fix, and to my surprise, I barely touch it and the whole thing falls off.

Is there anything I should be aware of buying and replacing my output jack? Its a stock MIM strat, so Im sure that there are sturdier output jacks out there to replace it with. Can I just get the normal 1/4" ones at radioshack? Or are there things I should look for?

Also, is there anything I should know about changing them out? Im pretty new to soldering and stuff but I know how, I just dont want to mess up and have a really noisy signal or something.

yep, 1/4" jacks are 1/4" jacks. Unless you have fancy wiring using switched jacks or stereo jacks (in a stock mim strat, I'm thinking not), I'd just get a new mono jack, theres not really anything special about them.
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