I've been looking for a new guitar for a long time now. I'm looking to go to a seven string, as I've been wanting that low sound, without losing all of my solos. I looked around, and didn't really find anything that stuck out as something I really wanted. So I'm now considering a custom. I don't want it to be that expensive, and I hope I have found a luthier who can build my dream guitar relatively cheaply.

Now onto the decisions. I still don't know exactly what I want in a guitar tonewise, specifically to do with wood. I've decided most specs, apart from body and neck wood. Basicly I'm going for a 'djenty' sound, but also quite full (like Keith Merrows sound). Also wouldn't mind having a solo tone like Loomis while I'm at it! What wood would you recommend for the body and neck? (I'm going for a bolt on). I've been considered ash and mahogany for the body, and maple neck, or wenge/bubinga.

Also, I'm not sure about cheapish but high quality nuts. I'm going for a fixed bridge. Any recommendations?

I'll be whacking in either some Bareknuckle Aftermaths, Painkillers or Dimarzio CL/LF depending which will go best.
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