Not sure about model, pickups are DiMarzio (Evolution I in the bridge (replaced by myself) and I think a PAF Pro in the neck)


Have a look at the pictures, it's a gorgeous guitar.. Has a few chips and dents on the underside but from the front it's pretty much flawless (one chip where the bridge saddles caught a bit of the finish but has been touched up with some blue metallic paint so it hardly catches your focus when you look at it) I've made no effort to try and hide any damage on there, I was really gutted when I chipped the cutaway (shown in one picture) but luckily it's completely unnoticeable while playing. Also the thru-neck is stunning!

If you can tell me the model then great! When I was sold the guitar I was young enough not to really care about anything but how it played and sounded so I didn't enquire, hence not even knowing the neck pickup for certain!

The guitar has a Super 5 Way switch, which gives you;

If you want I'll do a couple of sound demos but it sounds more or less like any other really high end Ibanez RG, I bet there are a tonne of videos on youtube...

Anyway, as the guitar is still in complete working condition, no damage that extends beyond the finish (wood visible in some cases as shown) and the RRP is £1500, I know this because I once saw the same guitar for sale at that price but didn't find out the model name but identified it by spec, I'm asking for offers around £1000. But of course a guitar is only as valuable as how much people will offer for it, so give me your opinions. Hard case will be included, and is worth £150 alone haha... so that's something to consider.

If you are interested give me an email at torben123@hotmail.co.uk

I'll keep checking on this thread but may forget or be a while to reply so if you get impatient email me!
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I'm not trying to be a dick, but I don't think people will pay £1000 for a Prestige beat up that badly when you can get a mint 1570 for around £400. I think £750 would be a more reasonable asking price, but don't listen to me, it's not my guitar :P
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Yeah that is true, but this is as far as I know a limited edition model ... and 1570s are no where near this guitar in terms of the RG series! They are one of the lowest model whereas this one is a top end spec guitar, thru neck, Edge Pro, Gotoh tuners... the works! haha but I said I would consider offers! It is slightly beat up, but how badly should a couple of dings affect value?! The fact is it's still a £1500 guitar with some aesthetic damage on the back mainly, the front is almost flawless and even so that makes no difference to how it plays! I will take some measurements but the action is incredibly smooth, it's a Wizard Pro neck I think but am not entirely sure. Basically I understand your point that it is beat up, but then it is one of the highest spec Ibanez have produced and a bit of chipped paint shouldn't halve the value
I think this is know as a RGT and the price you are asking seems about right.

I was looking at them a while ago.

I have PMed you, just a little info, incase you want some

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^ I am assuming, because of the price that its a prestige BTW. If its not then that rice is quite high!

Time on earth is like butterscotch; you really want more, even though it will probably just make you ill.

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Haha yes it is a prestige of course, I have a feeling its a Team J Craft (the elite) model of some kind, you just never see those tinted necks on production models...